Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Heart of Stone

Everyone goes through hard times. Everyone says the wrong thing on occasion. I feel like I have been doing that a lot lately. It's funny how when life's little (and BIG) stresses get in the way we lose our cool and slam doors and find ourselves hurting more than before. Sometime I have thought that life would be so much easier to be able to turn those feelings off; to have your emotions be like a radio station  that only plays songs you like. Anyway as I pondered these feelings some words came into my head and I had to grab a computer and jot them down before I forgot them. 

I wish I had a heart of stone
to be stronger and never feel alone
to brave the world without a fear
of falling, nor of shedding tears
I wish I had a heart of stone

but if we get down to brass tacks
does stone feel it when it cracks
does rock that’s shaped by wind and rain
ever find itself whole again?

Perhaps not a heart of stone

Then maybe a heart of steel
to keep me from the pain we feel
to stand up firm and tall and straight
and make me all immune to hate
maybe a heart of steel

but a sword of steel may end up breaking
it all depends upon its making
a careless hand is all it takes
for rust to corrupt and the steel to break

Perhaps not a heart of steel

Than maybe just my heart alone
despite the loneliness I’ve known
despite the worry and the fears
and the many dozens of tears
perhaps my heart alone

For God made my heart and in the end
he also taught me it could mend
no stone in the mountain nor sword of steel
can match my heart, for it can heal


  1. Absolutely beautiful. And true.

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  3. Awesome now you just need to come up with music to the words!